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Cool headcanon for everyone to enjoy.

“Si Amélie préfère vivre dans le rêve et rester une jeune fille introvertie, c’est son droit… Car rater sa vie est un droit inaliénable.”

Si Amélie préfère vivre dans le rêve et rester une jeune fille introvertie, c’est son droit… Car rater sa vie est un droit inaliénable.”


This is not a love story: a mix about lost love, betrayal, loneliness, lust, and broken hearts.


AU: Body Swap

Stiles and Allison magically switch bodies (idk don’t ask me how or why) and have to deal with what that brings along (obviously). To switch back they have to go into that state between life and death and find themselves again (or sth like that, I’m really not creative and very dumb). In the end they grew a lot closer thanks to the whole situation and start hanging out more often (or maybe dating, whatever you want idk idc).


Allison spending college somewhere within a few hours’ drive of Beacon Hills, taking stock of her life and figuring out what she really wants to do.

Allison eventually admitting that fine, the sheriff has been right for years, she’d make a better cop than anything else, but four years of college is more than long enough to spend away from her family and her pack.

Allison and Stiles starting as rookie Beacon County sheriff’s deputies in the same year.

Allison and Stiles getting into contests over who makes the most non-supernatural arrests in a month.  Competing to see who can suss out and correctly identify supernatural shenanigans first.  Allison kicking Stiles’ ass at every single gun range and physical fitness test they go through.  Stiles has more practice in exercising his deductive skills, and gloats outrageously.

Stiles driving his training officer to drink because the kid thinks he’s god’s gift to the department, but first of all, he’s the boss’s son, second of all, he’s had an RFID card to every room in the sheriff’s station since he was sixteen and doesn’t need to be taught very many ropes, and third he actually is really good.  Also, his goddamn paperwork is fucking incomprehensible, what the hell did that minor pot possession charge have to do with agricultural subsidies in Texas?

Allison giving her training officer conniptions because Allison’s training officer is a 6’3 veteran who used to work as a cop in LA and bench presses 250 on a really good day, and Allison can kick his ass without actually breaking a sweat.  And she keeps charging head-first into situations that ought to get a green cop shot, especially in this crazy-ass town, and by the time he gets in there after her there’ll be three perps subdued in handcuffs and Allison checking her goddamn cell phone and how is he supposed to work with this?

Allison and Stiles covering each other’s asses when supernatural bullshit does come up, distracting each other’s partners, pairing up off the clock to take their badges and guns around and ask some discreet questions entirely off the record.  Allison and Stiles getting so very, very caught and dragged into the Sheriff’s office like a pair of sheepish children so Sheriff Stilinski can glare at them across his desk and ask if they know just how many of his gray hairs are their collective fault, and did you at least get whatever thing-of-the-week it was this time, and for Christ’s sakes, learn to cover your tracks better.

(Deputy Parrish, who turns out to be half selkie and therefore possessing of absolutely no supernatural powers of any pertinent use to anyone, but who’s survived eight years on the force in Beacon Hills and knows plenty about the local alpha and his pack, sits at his desk across the bullpen and hides behind his computer monitor so nobody can see him silently trying not to laugh his ass off.)

"How many shots do we have left?"

au: blair and dan have an affair in season two

au: blair and dan have an affair in season two

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